Custom EDI Solutions

Mercury Commerce, Inc. has been implementing custom EDI (Electronic Data interchange) solutions for over ten years. Our solutions allow your business to connect wherever and whenever necessary. We can provide all of the functions needed for data transfer.

Our solutions eliminate the need to have your own AS2, VAN, XML, Web Service, CSV, flat file, JSON, email or any other communication or translation platform. This allows you to focus on your business practices instead of IT.

For more information please call (212) 307-7001 ext. 2#.

Features & Benefits

With our custom EDI solutions you can:

  • Integrate seamlessly in virtually any format
  • Leave the monitoring of compliance rules to us
  • Integrate directly with your Fedex or UPS system
  • Integrate with various accounting systems.
  • Integrate with 3PL facilities
  • Receive varied formats from your customers and consolidate your data to ONE connection.
  • Automate inventory feeds to multiple retailers with various data requirements and formats for many of the online programs.

VB Exchange

As part of our extensive platform, many companies have their own architecture in place and want to simply convert data with no other services provided.

Mercury Commerce has expert mapping capabilities and can provide this as part of our professional services offering.