Case Studies

Many companies do not have the capability to handle multiple shipping document formats. They often lack order integration abilities within their existing shipping system. These smaller companies operate with limited resources and do not want to make a large out-of-pocket investment for EDI software that will enable them to communicate their inventory on a regular basis with their brands.

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"The short time frame now required to process orders made our holiday crunch time deliveries easy to process."

– Ari Margulies, David’s Cookies

"There was a minimal out-of-pocket investment to incorporate VendorBridge®'s technology into our company’s shipping and delivery system. Handling complex order processing is so simple now due to this extremely easy and efficient system."

– Bill Landman, Stahls’ Hotronix


David's Cookies uses VendorBridge® to process tens of thousands of orders per year. David’s Cookies takes advantage of the ability to sort shipments by SKU and location. This allows them to process orders by product in order to work with high order volumes with ease and efficiency to provide consistant delivery performance.

David's Cookies also utilizes our distance sorting capabilities in order to group and pull orders shipping to the farthest points first. This is a necessary practice to ensure that the perishable food products that they offer reach their destination as fresh as possible.

Accounting associates are able to access VendorBridge® to view order summaries and reconcile remittances for David’s Cookies in a variety of report formats to suit their needs.

Stahls’ Hotronix integrated VendorBridge®'s technology and can now load all of the shipping information into their system and access it from remote locations. The company’s primary product is personalized jerseys and one order often contains multiple messages.

Managing the ordering process was often complex and problematic. VendorBridge®'s unique technology has simplified their system as orders are now handled electronically. Stahls’ uses VendorBridge® to process incoming orders from HSN, StyleClick, Foot Locker, Fanatics, and Gametime Promotions.

Sodastream posed a special case, as they ship carbon-dioxide cartridges with their in home soda fizzer. They required hazardous materials integration with UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager as they deal with high order volumes from HSN on a day to day basis.

VendorBridge® offered a streamlined solution for managing shipments from multiple warehouse, including our virtual warehouse solution, as well as easy order management for book keeping using the VendorBridge® reports and payment reconciliation features.