Case Studies

Many companies do not have the capability to handle multiple shipping document formats. They often lack order integration abilities within their existing shipping system. These smaller companies operate with limited resources and do not want to make a large out-of-pocket investment for EDI software that will enable them to communicate their inventory on a regular basis with their clients.

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"The short time frame now required to process orders made our holiday crunch time deliveries easy to process."

– Ari Margulies, David’s Cookies

"There was a minimal out-of-pocket investment to incorporate VendorBridge®'s technology into our company’s shipping and delivery system. Handling complex order processing is so simple now due to this extremely easy and efficient system."

– Bill Landman, Stahls’ Hotronix

Mercury Commerce, Inc. has partnered with HSN to deliver an easy to use web portal for their vendors to manage orders and inventory feeds for the HSN ECO program, print packing slips with integrated shipping and return labels, and streamline the order processing procedures for over a third of their vendors.

Many of our HSN clients are smaller businesses without the time or resources to devote to implementing complex data integrations that comply with the retailer’s standards or maintaining a staff of IT professionals for taking on the task. VendorBridge® relieved the fears of undertaking such a daunting endeavor.

Our larger HSN clients benefit greatly from the streamlined system. Managing orders upwards of several thousand a day is overwhelming all in itself without the added pressure of maintaining Electronic Data Interchange regulations. VendorBridge® takes on the EDI responsibilities so that larger vendors, like David’s Cookies and Sodastream, can focus on shipping their orders out to the customer in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Macy’s / Bloomingdale’s vendors enjoy many of the same benefits as our HSN vendors, and many are actually partnered with both retailers. The most appreciated feature of VendorBridge is that orders from multiple retailers can be managed from a single portal.

Macy’s / Bloomingdale’s vendors are able to print the appropriate packing slip format as well as obtain shipping labels easily by integrating VendorBridge® with UPS WorldShip. Many vendors also utilize our on-site inventory monitoring system to keep track of their product stock and information.

Wayfair vendors are required to submit daily inventory updates directly to Wayfair on a day to day basis. Vendors are able to provide this information quickly and easily with several different methods directly through VendorBridge® utilizing our product information and inventory monitoring section of the portal.

As always, Wayfair vendors are able to print the customized Wayfair packing slips with only a few clicks, as well as create shipping labels easily and efficiently by integrating their shipping system with VendorBridge®.