VendorBridge® is a browser based solution that handles the task of multiple software, ERP and web applications necessary for fulfilling drop ship, warehouse, and store door orders. VendorBridge® eliminates the need for a suite of applications by incorporating all fulfillment functions into a single, easy to use, online portal that guides users through their tasks as quickly and concisely as possible.

VendorBridge® provides the most comprehensive solutions to insure that businesses can quickly react to changing demands and new partnerships without the need to continually update and develop in-house systems or purchase new software.

With VendorBridge®, managers can view detailed metrics to be certain that orders are being fulfilled in a timely manner. They will be able to identify problems in the fulfillment pipe-line using the dashboards, on-demand reports, and VendorBridge® generated emails before a logistical issue potentially affects your customers.

Business associates can view a growing variety of sales reports, reconcile payments and integrate with existing systems easily and efficiently.

VendorBridge® is a fully modular application that allows your business to connect wherever and whenever necessary. It can provide all of the functions needed for order fulfillment. VendorBridge® eliminates the need to have your own AS2, VAN, XML, Web Service, CSV, flat file, JSON, email or any other communication or translation platform. This allows your business to focus on sales and fulfillment instead of IT.

Our philosophy is to keep improving the VendorBridge® platform based on ideas that come directly from our customers along with the experience of our team. We are constantly looking to optimize your workflow so you can reduce your costs and, in turn, lower your prices to drive more sales.

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Features & Benefits

With VendorBridge®, you will be able to:

  • Receive drop ship, store door, and warehouse orders
  • Print customized packing slips and vendor documents
  • Maintain UPS Sure Post and label integration
  • Integrate with your UPS or FedEx Shipping system
  • Manage multiple physical and virtual warehouses
  • Create UCC labels and bills of lading
  • Reconcile payments from vendors
  • Manage CRM functions specific to order fulfillment

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • Integration available at all points of the process
  • All order communication and formats are supported
  • Compliance rules are automatically monitored
  • Inventory feeds
  • Vendor catalog support
  • QuickBooks integration