How VendorBridge® Works

  1. Customer orders placed at e-commerce retailers are posted to the VendorBridge® web portal where suppliers log on.
  2. VendorBridge® delivers the customized packing slips and shipment ready labels for each e-commerce retailer and supplier that can be printed from any computer.
  3. Orders are packed by the supplier.
  4. VendorBridge® creates downloadable order files for easy importing directly to your prefered shipping system, such as UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, or a number of other custom internal platforms.
  5. Orders are updated with shipping data by suppliers via VendorBridge®.
  6. Electronic communication between retailers and suppliers is taken care of by the VendorBridge® system automatically , including: shipping confirmations, order cancellations, processed returns and invoice billing.
  7. Orders are shipped by UPS, FedEx, USPS or other carrier.

Flexibility & Scalability

Mercury Commerce, Inc. has the ability to accommodate any report requests that your business requires. Our web-based system is extremely flexible, as well as scalable, and compatible with virtually any operating system and internet browser!

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Product Identification and Management

VendorBridge® allows for the management of product information and inventory. Multiple retailer product codes can be assigned to a master SKU for easier internal identification. Inventory updates can be sent directly to a retailer so that they know your products’ availability.

Orders Printed with Code 128 Barcodes

We provide the option to specify the e-commerce retailer as the ship-from name instead of the supplier’s. Barcodes allow for the option of using the shipping system’s scan interface for importing shipments on an order by order basis. Our barcoded return labels make it easy to process the receipt of returned orders.

Automatic Ship-To Confirmation

VendorBridge® is capable of retaining multiple tracking numbers for orders requiring multiple cartons. Once the shipment information is confirmed, VendorBridge® automatically sends the information out electronically in an A.S.N. document directly to the retailer.

Small Parcel & Freight Handling

With VendorBridge® the supplier can define freight and handling charges on an order by order basis or as a routine occurrence, which is billed directly to retailer.

Interface Functionality

VendorBridge provides you true internet B-to-B functionality. We are 100% tested and currently processing thousands of transactions per day for multiple suppliers and retailers.

  • Web based, so VendorBridge® can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • FTP services available for quick and easy data transfer.
  • Always secure 256 Bit RSA Encryption
  • All data transfers are performed directly by Mercury Commerce, Inc.
  • Ability to conform to multiple retailer packing slip formats, for example HSN, Macy’s, Wayfair, etc.
  • Interfaces seamlessly with shipping systems including the transfer of tracking numbers, ship dates, and freight amounts.

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VendorBridge® is already equipped with growing variety of reports available for download and direct view online. Mercury Commerce, Inc. will be pleased to accommodate any report requests to fit our customers’ needs.

For Suppliers

  • Shipping manifests and daily pick lists and freight summaries for warehouse employees, as well as aging orders yet to be processed.
  • Order returns, cancellations, and adjustments.
  • Invoice summaries and order history.
  • Tracking of payment remittances from retailers.

For E-Commerce Retailers

  • In-bound and out-bound document activity tracking.
  • Up to date order status and shipping activity, including aging / unfulfilled orders.
  • Orders returned to suppliers.
  • Supplier order cancellations.